New story, and other updates

Anomalous Press #1I'm really thrilled to have a story, "Winner," in the very first issue of Anomalous Press. It was released on the Ides of March, so I'm a bit tardy announcing it here—it's been a busy March so far.

The issue includes work from many better writers than me, including a poem and two translations from my friend Naomi Ayala. It was Naomi who suggested I submit to Anomalous. In this way and many others, she's been a great friend and supporter of my writing, and I hope someday to be able to pay her back. You can catch another poem of hers when Call + Response: Textures opens on April 16. (More on that tomorrow.)

Anomalous Press #1 is available for download as a PDF, but only if you pay with a tweet. Neat concept. Attention as currency. And from a technical standpoint, I'm interested in how they integrated with Twitter using OAuth—I want to do a similar thing with the reading series web app (Readsr/Readthing/whatever) I'm working on: tweet whenever a reading series is updated. So I'll be looking into this soon.

First, though, I plan to deploy an alpha version of the site this weekend. I've been reading up on virtualenv, pip, fabric, and git, trying to figure out how to deploy the right way--with automated version control and dependency isolation. This part, the admin stuff, is as complicated as any coding problem I've faced. Looking forward to tackling it in a marathon session on Saturday!