Spring, spring, spring

Spring is the rarest of seasons in DC, but it looks like we get a few days of it this week. This could not be happening at a better time. The protracted move from Columbia Heights/Baltimore/Tucson to Capitol Hill is over. The art show has wrapped. Work is still way busy, but next week I head to North Carolina for some writing time in the mountains at Doe Branch Ink--the ideal vacation.

Craig Nova is the resident author for this session at DBI, and I'm looking forward to reading his novel The Good Son, starting on the commute home this afternoon. It'll be good to dive back into reading and writing, which have taken a back seat so far this season. I did have the honor of getting tapped for a Larry Neal award, 2nd place for adult fiction (the non-euphemistic kind), for a story I began back in Arizona but kept revisiting up until last fall. That just made me want to sit down and get back to writing, drafting, and revising even more! I don't have any illusions that late spring and summer will be slow, but few things suck up time more than moving, and with a good solid week to get jump-started, I'm feeling optimistic.