A Case Study of Node.js in Production

I'm giving a talk about my experience developing and deploying a Node.js web service in production at the next Nova-Node meetup, October 30 at 6:30 p.m. Below is the writeup. If it sounds interesting to you, come by!

SpanishDict recently deployed a new text-to-speech service powered by Node. This service can generate audio files on the fly for arbitrary Spanish and English texts with rapid response times. The presentation will walk through the design, development, testing, monitoring, and deployment process for the new application. We will cover topics like how to structure an Express app, testing and debugging, learning to think in streams and pipes, writing a Chef cookbook to deploy to AWS, and monitoring the application for high performance. The lead engineer on the project, William Bert, will also talk about his experiences transitioning from a Python background to Node and some of the key insights he had about writing in Node while developing the application.

Update: here are the slides from the talk.