Why I'd like Node and io.js to merge

I made nodegovernance.io — which encourages Node users to express support for using io.js's open governance model as the basis for the Node foundation's technical committee — because from where I sit, one Node with a technical committee composed of the best technical people is the ideal outcome of this situation.

My life would be easier if there were just one Node. My team wouldn't have to spend time discussing and deciding which to use. There wouldn't be any confusion in the future about whether npm install would give me a module I could use with whatever runtime I happened to be using.

The recent Medium post said that io.js met with Joyent CEO Scott Hammond last week, so I'm sure he knows exactly where they stand.

And the big companies that are already on the foundation board are certainly going to get input into the rules for the technical committtee.

What about the rest of us — engineers who use Node / io.js every day but aren't inner core, who don't work for an IBM or a PayPal, who want stability and also language improvements that will make our jobs easier?

I hated the idea of looking back a few months from now, in the midst of heated discussions about whether to use Node or io.js, with npm installs failing all around me, and wondering if there was anything I could have done to prevent this situation. A tweet doesn't count for all that much, but it's more than nothing.