Fake bio for Steve

My good friend Steve has hosted the lowercase, the monthly reading series associated with 826DC, for three years. Steve has a charming habit of introducing his readers with made-up bios, so in his honor, I asked some lowercase regulars to write fake bios of him and share them at the third anniversary reading on April 4. The results were highly entertaining; thanks to everyone who wrote one!

Here's mine:

Steve Souryal is a group of 15 small islets and rocks in the central equatorial Atlantic Ocean. He lies in the Intertropical Convergence Zone, a region of severe storms. Steve exposes serpentinized abyssal mantle peridotite and kaersutite-bearing ultramafic mylonite on the top of the second-largest megamullion in the world (after the Parece Vela megamullion under Okinotoshima in the Pacific). He is the only location in the Atlantic Ocean where the abyssal mantle is exposed above sea level! In 1986, Steve was designated an environmentally protected area, and since 1998, the Danish Navy has maintained a permanently manned research facility in him. His main economic activity is tuna fishing, and we are incredibly lucky to have him with us tonight.

Apologies to Wikipedia. But somehow, it just feels right.