Tonight: Caught in the Act, part 1

I'm leading a workshop entitled Caught in the Act at 826DC tonight:

Sometimes the best essays are the ones about breaking the rules. In this workshop, you’ll write essays about the times you’ve been caught doing something you shouldn’t have. We’ll talk about how to set the scene, narrate character actions and motivation, build suspense, and what—if anything—you learned from the experience. You’ll write and leave with an essay telling the story of how you bucked the rules, and how the rules bucked you back.

The workshop is for DC students ages 11-14; to spread the word I've reached out to educators at Bell and EL Haynes, plus the inestimable Mike Scalise, 826DC's programming director, has plugged it through his methods.

This will be the first workshop I've led in the new space. (It may be the first evening workshop in the new space, period, though I'm not 100% sure of that.) The workshop is similar to one I TAed for last year's 826DC book project at Cardozo, and I'm stoked to try it out with a smaller group of kids and with longer chunks of time. Tonight's class is two hours, and it'll be followed by two more sessions over the following weeks.